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Some services, such as dictation and transcription, are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, while services such as our medical answering service require you to enter into a rolling monthly contract – you are free to cancel at any time with one calendar month’s notice.

We would love to talk to you to put together the perfect package for your clinic or practice.

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Try our medical answering and secretarial service for free

To help us create the perfect package for you, we’d love to work with you for free*! Offering you the Medisec service for a one-week trial period will allow us to assess your specific service requirements, such as call volumes, to help us create a flexible, bespoke and competitively priced package to deliver the best service to your practice.

We also believe that by trialling our services, Medisec will prove to you just how much value we can bring to your practice.

*a free one-week trial is limited to a pre-agreed number of calls, at which point we will contact you to inform you that you have reached your call limit. We retain the right to refuse to offer a free one-week trial to any business we believe to not be acting in good faith.