Medical Billing Services

Medisec’s medical billing services help you create streamlined cash flow while removing the administrative stresses of billing and giving you back time to focus on patients. All while saving you money.

The primary focus of private healthcare will always be patient care. But billing and cashflow management are also vital to maintaining your clinic as a sustainable business. It can be tough to balance an efficient practice billing system with providing the best care possible to every patient.

How can Medisec’s medical billing service help you put your patients first?

Create cash flow and cost savings

Medisec’s Virtual Medical Secretarial team provide a reliable, trusted and seamless extension to your practice, but at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff.

And because they are generating cash flow, Medisec’s medical billing service helps you grow while keeping costs down – becoming a key to generating revenue and success for your practice.


Helping you focus on patients, not pounds and pennies

Medisec’s outsourced medical billing services allow you to focus on providing the best care for your patients, by removing the day-to-day stress of administering billing, collection and debt chasing, safe in the knowledge that your practice is delivering financially.

Outsourced medical billing from your ‘in-house’ team

It’s not easy to find an outsourced service you trust, who understand the need for a tactful, respectful approach to the, sometimes, delicate nature of billing, to ensure your practice continues to build and maintain strong patient relationships.

Medisec’s team of Virtual Medical Secretaries are all fully-trained, friendly, professional and, because they get to know you, your patients and are constantly aware of all relevant information about your practice, your Medisec team becomes as trusted as in-house secretarial staff.

Medisec’s medical billing services;

  • Secure invoicing
  • Collections from both patients and insurance companies
  • Late payment and debt-chasing
  • Chasing existing bad debt – a common problem for private medical practitioners
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