Medisec Services

Professional Medical Secretarial Services from Medisec

Medical Answering Service

Delivered by fully-trained Virtual Medical Secretaries, who are experienced with dealing with calls of a highly personal and confidential nature.

Your remote receptionist team are constantly aware of all relevant guidelines and information about your practice.

Secretarial and Administration Services

  • Appointment Booking and Diary Management
  • Email Management
  • Invoicing and Credit Control
  • Dictation and Transcription Services
  • Clinical Letter Writing Services
  • Ingoing and Outgoing Correspondence with patients and insurance companies

FAQs about Medisec’s medical answering & secretarial services

What does Medisec cost?

We work with you to find a flexible, bespoke package to provide you with everything you need, at a competitive, affordable price which, for many of our customers, delivers significant return on investment. Get in touch today on 0333 800 0012 or click here to talk about the challenges facing your practice and what Medisec can do to support you.

Not sure how many calls you’re missing? Some of our customers find a week’s trial beneficial to estimate the volume of opportunities lost through missed calls on a weekly basis.

What if I go over agreed service package?

We will NOT cut your service off, Medisec is here to prevent you from losing patients through missed calls. Instead, we will inform you and bill you for the excess calls at the rate agreed in your (rolling) contract.

If you are exceeding your package on a regular basis, we will recommend moving you to a more suitable package, to ensure you always receive the best value for money from Medisec. We can do this with one week’s notice to your billing date.

What if I’m not using everything in my service package?

If you are not using a large amount of your agreed services, you can move your package to the most cost-effective for your current usage. Again, we can do this with one week’s notice to your billing date.

What if I need to cancel the service?

Medisec does not ask you to sign into a long term, fixed contract. If you wish to cancel our services at any time, all we need is one calendar month’s notice.

What if I get urgent/ personal phone calls?

Should you receive any urgent or personal calls, we can send you a text or transfer urgent calls to your mobile, a private line, or even, if you wish, a next-of-kin or family member.

We can even set up a list of contacts you always want to hear from, and, if you’re contactable, we will them transfer through; if we can’t get hold of you immediately, we will let you know about the call as soon as possible.

Will I be charged for you to answer nuisance calls?

We do not charge for answering sales or nuisance callers to your practice. We also create a screening list specific to each client. We won’t take or deliver messages from anyone on your screening list.

If your Medisec Virtual Medical Secretary does send through a message from a caller you don’t want to hear from, just let us know and we will add them to your screening list, and we won’t bother you with their messages again.

Can I trust you with private and confidential information?

Medisec has left no stone unturned when it comes to client confidentiality and security. To find out more about the steps we’ve taken, click here to read our security promise 

or speak to one of our Virtual Medical Secretaries on 0333 800 0012