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How Could Outsourcing Medical Secretarial Services save you 25%?

Pass your savings on and stand out in the near-300% growth market

Private sector healthcare spending in the UK has risen by over 290% since 1996*, an additional £19.7 Billion annually taking the 2016 figure to £29.9 Billion (most recent available).

However, despite almost tripling in 20 years, the marketplace remains tremendously competitive. How do you stand out? Reducing costs on areas such as medical secretarial services is a good place to start. But, in an industry where care and customer experience will always be at the forefront, how can you cut your spending without compromising the quality of service?

Medisec is an outsourced secretarial service dedicated to the medical sector which exists to help you do just that, by combining up-to-the-minute technology with exceptional personal service provided by ‘virtual’ medical secretaries that you only pay for when you need them!

Utilising technology

  • Industry Leading Voice Recognition & Medical Dictation Software

Today’s technology is more than capable of allowing you to dictate from anywhere in the world, whether you’re in the car or on the beach. If you have your mobile, or a landline, you can dictate documents, which one of your Virtual Medical Secretaries will turn around for you quickly and accurately.

  • Collaborate with Cloud

Your Virtual Medical Secretary may be sitting in Ely but, thanks to secure cloud technology, all the information we need to manage appointments, invoicing, administration and more is at our fingertips, simply and securely!

Can I trust a Virtual Medical Secretarial Service with the security of my confidential information? Click here to find out why you can trust Medisec

Introducing you to your Virtual Medical Secretary

Medisec’s Virtual Medical Secretaries are all fully-trained and experienced with dealing with calls of a highly personal and confidential nature – our team handles calls in the medical sector every day. Virtual Medical Secretaries are able to fulfil many of the duties of in-house secretaries, such as;

  • Call Answering and Outbound Calling
  • Diary Management and Appointment Booking
  • Dealing with Healthcare Insurance Administration
  • Processing Transcripts and Dictation Services

However, when using a Virtual Medical Secretary, you only pay a fraction of the cost of full-time staff.

As part of the Medisec service, we assign you 2-3 professional VMS. And one of your dedicated team will fulfil any duty you require from Medisec – from answering calls on behalf of your practice and dealing with insurers to taking dictation and managing your diary.

To find out more about how you could save 25% on your medical secretarial services visit or call 0333 800 0012

Medisec – “Your medical secretary on call”

* Statistical bulletin: UK Health Accounts: 2016. Healthcare expenditure statistics, produced to the international definitions of the System of Health Accounts 2011.