What is a Virtual Medical Secretary?

What is Virtual Medical Secretary? And why ‘employing’ one will be the best decision your practice will ever make

If you have a busy clinic and employing extra staff is not an option for whatever reason, be it financial or otherwise, a dedicated telephone answering service, operated by a Virtual Medical Secretary, could be your solution.

What is a Virtual Medical Secretary?

A Virtual Medical Secretary provides a personal telephone answering and clinic management service that can help you run your business more efficiently and profitably. How? By providing a service that offers the benefits of extra staff without the cost of hiring, training and managing staff. In a word, outsourcing.

The outsourcing model has long been established as the way forward for business looking to retain efficiency while reducing costs.

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The MediSec Service

MediSec allocates you 2-3 dedicated, professional Virtual Medical Secretaries, who answer every call you can’t, in your clinic name, dealing with enquiries in a friendly and professional manner which clients could be forgiven for thinking are talking to in-house staff.

Plus, due to the professional nature of Medisec’s team of Virtual Medical Secretaries, many clients use us as much more than a telephone answering service;

  • Answer every call you miss; in your clinic name in a professional manner befitting the industry
  • Manage your diary; including booking appointments, and sending reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Administration; such as dealing with insurance companies on your behalf

The best decision your practice will ever make?

To evidence this claim we will go back to a trial we held with a large private hospital group. Over a four-month period, MediSec dealt with 700 calls, 250 of which were enquiries, and 100 of which resulted in bookings for procedures. At the time of the trial, the average operation cost was between £3,000 and £10,000 – meaning that just one of those 100 bookings would have covered the cost of the MediSec service for a full year.

Can you afford to leave even one call unanswered, when the cost of missing the wrong call could exceed the value of never missing a call again? In an age when we can choose where are treated, a missed call can mean lost business. Your Virtual Medical Secretary ensures your prospective patients always speak to a real person, immediately starting the process of building trust from the very first call to your clinic.

Medisec combines first-class personal service from professional, friendly and qualified Virtual Medical Secretaries with state-of-the-art technology designed and developed specifically for the medical sector to provide a bespoke outsourced virtual medical secretary package and help clinics, on average, reduce medical secretarial costs by 25{d41155c8c81d750bfce4b8b05c5bbb04f4696ee4e06314bd1b24de0401510839}.

To find out more about our services call 0333 800 0012, email mysec@medisec.org.uk or visit www.medisec.org.uk.