Medisec News September 2019

Our Virtual Medical Secretary team and everyone at Medisec hopes you are having a great start to the Autumn!

Clinic Answering Service News

In the past month, Medisec’s Virtual Medical Secretary Team;

Virtual Medical Secretary News

What’s happening with our team of Virtual Medical Secretaries…

  • We’re delighted to welcome two new Medisec Virtual Medical Secretaries to the team. Our recruits are now hard at work completing the comprehensive three-month training programme all our team members undertake to help them get to the level of service expected by our customers.
  • Sadly, one of our team is moving on after 3 years. We’ll miss you Niamh! Wishing you all the luck for the future!

Put your focus back on your patients

Enjoy the benefits of trained, trusted and reliable medical secretarial staff while avoiding the excessive cost of additional staff and the associated costs like training, holidays and staff absences.

We believe private healthcare exists to deliver expert service to patients, allowing medical practitioners the time required to deliver 100% focus. Medisec’s Virtual Medical Secretarial team is here to help you deliver that focus and always put your patients first.

Medisec is a professional medical clinic answering service and outsourced provider of medical an expert range of secretarial services.

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